Wicklow Sky

49.99″, f/18, ISO 100, E-30, OLYMPUS 12-60mm Lens @ 12 mm

Just after Christmas I went up to Wicklow with the Camera Club, one of the disappointing parts of the day was that I discovered a problem with flare or internal reflections when using my 10 stop filter, I wasn’t exactly sure what had happened but thought the most likely explanation was that I had been too busy chatting and had somehow fitted the filter wrongly. So when I had a chance to return to the lakes to have another go I was ultra careful to make sure I had everything as tight as possible, you’ll understand then why I was disappointed to find the same effect when I took the shots off the card and into Lightroom. It probably wasn’t quite as pronounced as the previous time but there all the same, the extent of the problem relating to the length of exposure and the angle of the sun to the lens.

I’m not really sure where the problem lies, it may be that the seal between the holder and the gasket on the filter isn’t good enough, but I’m going to have to do some experimentation to fix this problem.

This shot was one of the least affected, and cleaned up reasonably well in PP.

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