Well hello there

Well hello there. As much as I’ve been trying to find time to either take pics, process the ones I haven’t gotten around to yet or get back to blogging, the lack of hours in the day has conspired against me.

One thing I can fit into my day though is Instagram, (you can see more of my pics on Instagram here). I think without it I would be taking few pics for myself at all. Between Instagram and Smug Mug’s iphone app I am having way to much fun and all with my phone. I have overdosed somewhat on the textures part of the app but I’m still having fun with it and with so many filters and textures, frames to choose from, it is hard to not have fun. And it is free, mostly. There are some free filters as well as other filters and textures from Kevin Kubota (who incidentally has a great book Digital Photography Boot Camp which is well worth a buy) and buying each set costs 79c.

Anyway if I don’t get to take pics for here, I will post some of my instagram pics.



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