The Magic Numbers at Band on the Wall

A few weeks ago I headed over to Manchester for a spot of footie and looked up gig listings for the weekend.  I spotted that The Magic Numbers were playing on the Sunday night so I thought why not?  I didn’t really know much of their stuff but I had heard some songs.  It’s always great to go to a gig with little expectation and be subsequently blown away by the buzz and atmosphere that they generate.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable gig and for those of you luck enough to get a ticket to see them tonight in The Opera House here in Cork as part of the Murphy’s Little Big Nights Out campaign, enjoy!  I, along with 7000 others apparently, unfortunately got a lovely rejection email from Murphy’s.  It felt like a PFO for a job application!

Just a short note on the venue, Band on the Wall, it looks like it has a great line-up with different types of music going on there all the time.  Well worth checking out if you’re in Manchester.

Lots more photos in the full set on Flickr.

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