The Look of the Irish

Photography programmes on RTE1  from 9th to 14th August

‘Fergus Bourke: In His Own Words’ 9th August, 11:10pm,
‘Day by Day by Day’ 10th August, 7:30pm,
‘The Day Before Yesterday: The Birth of a Nation’ 10th August, 8:30pm,
‘David Farrell – Elusive Moments’ 10th August, 11:05pm,
‘Riviera Cocktail’ 11th August, 11:30pm,
‘Sweet Cork of Thee – Edwardian Cork on Camera’ 12th August, 7:30pm
‘Dark Room’ Profile of Harry Thuillier Jr’. 12th August 11:55pm,
‘The Man Who Shot Beckett’ 13th August, 11:05pm,
‘Not Fade Away’ 14th August, 8:30pm,

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