The Light and Clouds Show

The Light and Clouds Show

“The Light and Clouds Show” regularly tours the country but the performances are extra-special in Kerry. I think this is probably my favourite image of 2012 so far. Yes, there’s lens flare but I think it adds rather than detracts from the image. And I love the surfer highlighted by the sun as he walks off the beach. It’s also a slightly unusual image for me as for most of the summer the sun will set to the North and behind a ridge of mountains.

Since I’d probably forget to post them individually, here’s a bumper blog post with e selection of the best that Kerry had to offer last weekend:

Layers and Lines

More layers (note the difference in colour between fresh and saltwater)

"We're not going to stop here", said my wife as we reached the top of the Conor Pass. Oh, yes I did!

One of the highlights of the show

I'll never tire of seeing sunshine filter down through those blue clouds

…and so here's another one

Obligatory surfer pic (re-toned)

"Err… I think I'm going down to the beach to take some photos" *abandons family*

Want sunbursts and lens flare? We can totally do that!

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