The Feeling @ Bath Komedia

Another blog post, another gig! I really must try and diversify as, at the moment, I feel as if my photography is becoming very one dimensional! Anyway, the gig in question happened to be The Feeling who played at Bath Komedia last week.


The band and management were kind enough to allow me access to take photos during the soundcheck where I was able to get some more obscure shots as they were finalising the lighting set-up.




With a sold out show and no photo pit, I was expecting to have some trouble getting any decent shots during the actual gig, but the Komedia staff were really accomodating and the security staff allowed me to shoot from the side of the stage with the one proviso that I got out of the way when the official Komedia photographer needed access.



Dan, the lead singer of The Feeling, moves around the stage A LOT and I found that I was constantly stepping back out into the audience in order to get a good enough angle to shoot him. This meant, however, that I got some more unusual shots.




I adhered to the normal rule of “3 songs, no flash”… for the most part! However, you can get away with a lot when you have a triple A pass! Although I didn’t want to take too much advantage of it, I did grab a few more shots, this time from the back of the room, of events which I just couldn’t miss! Dan’s jump at the end, for example, was a “must have”!



Part of the agreement for allowing me access to the gig was that I would provide the band with a few images for their website. I wasn’t expecting too much. I perhaps thought that a couple might make it into the gallery on their website. So imagine my surprise when I logged on to see that they had included my photos in a news article on the front page of the website! I sent them 11 photos in the end and they posted them all! Even better than that, they were kind enough to include a link back to my website from which I am already seeing the benefits!


So thank you very much to The Feeling, their management and Lynne for being the go between! I had a really great night and can’t wait until I can photograph them again!

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