Tatton Park and the folks you meet

A few shots from a recent visit to the Tatton Park Estate just outside Manchester. It’s one of those huge estates that’s now run by the National Trust and it really is a lovely place to spend a day, especially with the glorious weather we had. While there we of course went to see all the attractions – the big house, the gardens and the farm. The big house was just that – a big house with lots of rooms and really interesting stuff to see. Apparently Beatrix Potter lived there and the place is full of her characters.
I’ll probably get around to processing those pics at some stage but for the time being, here’s a few of the more interesting people I bumped into.

two men walking

Hidden stripes

Sometimes I like to hang around outside men’s toilets…….

man coming out of toilet


I mentioned Beatrix Potter once lived here – wouldn’t it be great if she was called Beatrix?

woman potter in her shop at wheel


I have to finish with a token colour photo and that’s just because of the flames. They just don’t work in B&W. I also wanted to show you the most expensive burgers in the world!
£6 Sterling I think it was for a cremated lump of mince in a Lidl bun. No onions, no lettuce, no gherkins, nothing! Lucky to get a squeeze of ketchup! Robbing bastards, but then stupid tourists like me are mugs for paying it.
And we think Ireland is expensive!

chef grilling burgers

Flame grilled burgers

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