Social media is a dinosaur

Two men on their phones with a dinosaur between them

No bones about social media

Just back from a few days in Glasgow. What a beautiful city with gorgeous stone buildings and none more so than Glasgow University and it’s lovely museum. Of course the Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery is even nicer but that’s for another post. The Hunterian museum in the University is small but has some fantastic interactive exhibits relating to the scientific works of James Watts and Lord Kelvin. Lots of buttons to press and wheels to turn to see their experiments come to life. While browsing the upper gallery of the exhibition I spotted these two chaps below me sitting on either side of a dinosaur – well his bones. Both chaps were engrossed in their devices while T-Rex himself looked on in despair. With the dinosaur between the two lads,  I thought the shot might just suit the current monthly challenge on – Between,  so it’s up there and the rest of the set can be seen in my Glasgow album, also on

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