Shake it baby

Shaky photo of blue and green abstract colours

Happy accident

Normally a hand held accidental long exposure wouldn’t make it off the memory card, but in this case I kept it.

On our last explore I spotted the eerie blue green light at the top of the stairs which led to the blue green slide. While looking through the viewfinder to see if I could frame a shot, I accidently clicked and ended up with 0.8 second exposure hand held. Of course it was always going to be shaky so for the next shot I propped my gorilla pod against a wall and took the “proper shot” (below).

I usually delete the spoiled shots before importing them into LR, but when I spotted this one I thought “that kinda works”, so here it is in all it’s blurry glory!

For reference, the one I was after was this one. Methinks the “mistake” works better…….

Blue green light on stairs

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