Scenic Suffering

A week or two ago I was in Connemara to see my daughter Emma run her first marathon, the course winds through the lakes and mountains which surely makes it one of the most scenic in the world but that has the side effect that it’s impossible to follow a specific runner around the course, we saw Emma after 7KM then had to go and have lunch before heading to the finish to wait for her (literally) to come over the hill, it was a lovely day in a beautiful place but it was easy to imagine that meant very little to the contestants suffering their own private agonies while racing to the finish

1/500, f/10, ISO 200, E-30, OLYMPUS 12-60mm Lens @ 24 mm

Eventually our Emma arrived, still going strongly, her proud Dad managed to stop cheering her on long enough to capture a few snaps as she sped past.

1/200, f/11, ISO 200, E-30, OLYMPUS 12-60mm Lens @ 12 mm


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