Sandymount Strand – 1/365

I must be nuts or suffering from a mad rush of blood to the head but I am half thinking about doing another 365 photo a day project this year. Unless I am loose in the rules of this, it won’t happen, particularly given this is an election year and work is going to be nuts. You may remember I did one back in 2009 and got lost in the last four weeks of the year with what pics I had taken, where they were, what was when and the biggest most confusing thing of all not uploading enough as I went along.

So as before if I miss a day I won’t take that to be the end, but sure I’ll see how it goes as the year goes on :)

But it was challenging enough to make me want to try again. So here goes, number 1 of this year’s 365;  it was taken on Sandymount Strand late this afternoon. I’ll also try when possible to upload any photo information just in case some of you want to know settings etc.

New Year's day (late afternoon) walk on Sandymount Strand

Sandymount Strand 1/365 taken with my Sigma 12 – 24mm lens at 12mm, 3200 ISO, 1/6 secs, f 4.5 – post processing includes tweaking an adjustment layer to brighten up slightly as well as including a slight blue filter to take away the very orange glow from the city lights.


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