Rumer & Friends at Abbey Road Studios

At various points throughout Abbey Road studios, you will find strict notices saying the photography is forbidden. And you can understand why. The hallways are plastered with huge autographed posters of films who’s soundtracks were recorded here. The stairways are decorated with large, black-and-white photos of musical legends who have recorded in the studios.

Luckily for me, I have a pass and so I am allowed to roam the studios with my camera hanging from my shoulder without being challenged. I know the rules, and they are that I can only photograph the acts performing – photographs of the rest of the studios is prohibited.

I can’t help but be influenced by my surroundings, however, and so whilst processing these shots of Rumer (who performed for In Concert a couple of weeks ago) I decided that the classic black and white look was best. Not only did I get the chance to photograph Rumer, but she was also joined onstage by Lemar (of Fame Academy fame), Sandie Shaw (of Eurovision fame) and Rick Astley (of.. errr….well come on, he’s Rick Astley, no other information is required, surely!).





It was such a fun and relaxed evening. Even Jeremy Vine turned up to enjoy the concert!

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