Pixie Picks #1

Pix.ie is a fabulous and friendly photosharing site. I upload many photos there throughout the year. At the end of the last two years, the Pixie community have voted for their favourite photos of the year. I viewed many amazing photographs on the site last year but, when we were asked to nominate our favourites, I had lost track of many of the photos that had originally grabbed my attention!

In order to keep track of my favourite pics I am periodically going to try and document them here so that I have an archive to refer to later on. Hopefully this will also provide some much needed inspiration for my 365 project. There are lots of undiscovered gems on Pix.ie and I’d love to hear if you find any other amazing shots. Also, if the shots below grab your attention then please head over to Pix.ie and comment on the images – social interaction is, after all, one of the best things about the site.

This first image I’ve chosen is “Bull Island” which was taken by redmum. Bull Island is one of my PhD study sites and so I am always interested in photos taken there. This one is one of the best I’ve seen. Mind you, I’m a sucker for silhouette photos – I love how simple yet powerful they can be.


This next image, entitled “Atrium“, was taken by Falcon7012. I was grabbed by the symmetry of this shot and the powerful lines which stand out brilliantly in black and white.


Music in the corner” was taken by dave66 and seems to be one of the first images in a 365 project. It’s a simple shot but very well composed. It’s nicely balanced and an inspirational image for my own 365 project.


Christmas Day Sunset” was captured by Margaret Morrissey. I picked this shot purely because I loved the colours. I don’t take many landscape shots and hence don’t think they are my strongest subject. When I see shots like this, it inspires me to get out and take more landscapes.


This final image made me laugh – “Miracle on Dame Street” was taken by Nicolas Reuland. I really like that it’s in black and white but what makes the shot for me is the moving car on the left and the expressions on all three faces!


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