Of sheep and men

So last Saturday saw us attend the Irish national Sheepdog Trials in Co. Roscommon which were held on the farm of Barra and Mary O’Brien. Although I’ve never seen a trial in the flesh I’ve always loved watching good dogs work and am a long time fan of One Man and his Dog on the telly. In fact as a teenager my two favourite programmes on a Sunday were the aforementioned One Man and his Dog followed by Countryfile – definitely a misspent youth! There was another programme on Sundays related to countryside issues fronted by an elderly bearded gentleman and I can’t for the life of me remember what it was – I loved that one too and if you know what it was called be sure to let me know.

So naturally a sheepdog trial is all about the working dog and the skill of his master in guiding him to control a flock of sheep.

Irish national sheepdog trials

Nowhere to run….

The dogs are simply amazing creatures with their instant reactions to their handler’s commands and their ability to guide sometwhat stubborn sheep who have other ideas.

Sheepdog turning sheep at a trial

The turn…….

These three gentlemen were relaxing in the sunshine enjoying the spectacle along with the hundreds of other spectators.

Three shepherds sitting down

Three wise men….

Speaking of other spectators…….

Spectators at the sheepdog trials

Spectators riveted to the action…..

You can see the full set over on Pix.ie

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