My Exhibition in Tinakilly

So this is a photo of my very good friend Deidre Barry.  She curated my show for me in Tinakilly House Hotel and was there from the very start to the very end.  She has excellent taste and style (if you saw her house you’d know what I mean) and she knew just which images to hang where and made the whole thing look effortless as she tied knot after knot in catgut to get an image to hang just right.


There was a great turnout for the Festival Launch and for my exhibition and it was great to see some of my fellow flickr friends along with my friends and family turn up.  Thanks everyone for coming along.  You really made my day and to those of you who helped and offered to help, you know who you are, thanks so much.  I really appreciate it.  The photo above is one of my Mum and Dad and my four lovely girls who were a great help too
L to R  Rachel my daughter, my mother Eileen, my two youngest daughters Sarah and Audrey, my father Larry, my second eldest daughter Lara and me

Now its back to the drawing board to start work on some new images for my next exhibition whenever and wherever that may be and to get going on processing the photos from some of the photo shoots that I’ve done recently.

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