Muck & The Smell Of Rotting Sprouts

GardenGroupHedgrowJan2013-3 by Jennifer Farley

Yesterday saw the first garden group outing of 2013, arranged as always by the lovely Peter Donegan and this time ably assisted by the youngest member of the group, the gorgeous Ella. This outing involved a walk around the hedgerows near Ballyboghill in North County Dublin. It was a fairly grey old day with lots of muck. I didn’t bring wellies and lost my shoe to the muck and had to use both hands (one still holding a camera) to pull it out. To add to the flavour of the day, some of the fields were producing a fairly strong aroma of rotting sprouts. This may not sound like fun, but of course it was. Like all of Peter’s outings there’s always something new to see (in this case a patch of purple sprouts) and meself and Jason always enjoy a trip out with the garden group. Check out Peter’s blog and radio show – the Sod Show on Dublin City FM.

Here’s a few more pics from the day.

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