morrissy, neil young and good people………

Been a busy yet interesting weekend, as a recently joined member of Charleville tennis club in Phibsborough, I attended the annual barbecue and american tournament which was a bit of craic.

The morrissey gig on Saturday night was fantastic, had no ticket upon arrival at the gate and was directed to the box office “caravan” parked across the street at kilmainham,but before I crossed the road I was asked by a stranger if I would like a ticket as this guy’s wife could not make it!!!. I obliged by asking him how much I owed him and he said nothing, just to buy him a pint inside. This was the highlight of the gig and night, the fact that someone like this from across the Irish Sea would offer me a ticket gratis, just added to my belief that there is more to life than money.
I believe in humanity, and community, and living in a world where excess is the real “Evil in life”. I agree that “Evil” is the real root of money (Gregory David Roberts from the book Shantaram)and it can be seen daily and more poignantly by the greed and avarice which has become part of our recent rise in wealth both nationwide and worldwide.

The Neil Young gig on Sunday was a cracker and I think he wears the mask of pain as only a man should, who believes in the injustice of living in a politically poisoned environment.We believe that just because we work hard at making our lives a success that we are owed something, we forget that this is a conditioning we impose on ourselves due to the fact that we should never return to the same scrimping and saving we once partook in. Immediately we have lost sight in the real reason we are alive, ie, to celebrate an existance.
We should spurn materialism and nonsense lies told by worldly inept politicians and greedy business who are sponsored by major thinkers and steamroller conglomerates, buried in a will to generate money and with it profit at the cost of human dignity.

I love life, I do not worship money or material items, a need to keep going until we are ran down or the ten houses we feel we should own.

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