Leonard Cohen last night………..

went to the leonard cohen gig last night and was astounded by the sheer brilliance of the man.
he is around 74 years old and the perfect notes he sang (typically in the bass baritone) were similar as if listening from a cd. respect has to be given to this man and I hope he lives a long life tempered only be the realistically dark and humorous poetry which eminates from his soul.

apart from the gig i have been very busy of late with many projects ongoing with some artistic projects yet to be started.

was speaking to a close friend who might be going to cuba with me in november, fingers crossed, that is. i would love to see the country before it changes in any way politically or otherwise.

was not suprised at the the outcome of the lisbon treaty. seems as if no person really understood much of the debate, any of the real issues or many of the implications involved in the “yes” or “no” vote. all i hear the politicians speaking post vote are “reflect”, “going forward”, or “ratification”. there will be interesting times ahead no doubt.

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