Ireland’s next Top Model

Hazel Jo Verdon, Ireland's next Top Model

She's a model and she's looking good….even better than before….

Remember Hazel from the last time? This time we brought her in off the streets and into the studio. After bumping into her in Temple Bar and snapping a few shots, she agreed to come to the studio for some “real” shots. So last Sunday she arrived at the studio with her Mum Breege  (think that’s how you spell it) and her make up artist Jessica.

This girl is oozing personality and confidence and if she doesn’t do well as a model in years to come then I’ll eat my lens cap!

I had my “assistant”, Lorraine on hand and she took a few set up shots.

set up studio shot

It's all about the light…..

Technical info on the shoot is: my camera, a lens and a few lights – after that I’m lost!


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