IAMO – Italian Love Story

Some of you may remember me mentioning how I shot over 900 images at one event and eventually whittled them down to 230 shots. That then prompted me to go out and shoot just “one roll of film” which resulted in this particular blog post.
Well here’s a few pics from that particular shoot.
The event was the inaugural performance of IAMO, An Italian Love Story – a musical produced and composed by Willie Hughes and Mark Cahill. The setting was the fabulous Farmleigh House in the Phoenix Park and the opening night was a huge success. All I can say about Willie is that he was a hands on producer and was more than willing to get up there and show how it’s done.

Willie Hughes Producer of Iamo

Willie showing how it’s done

Of course without the people behind the scenes these shows just don’t happen. Mark and his crew backed up by a myriad of computers and technology kept the whole thing moving along nicely.

Mark Cahill at his control desk

Mark and the Starship Enterprise

Then of course we have the cast, or at least some of them. This is a shot from the dress rehearsal featuring the lovely Giada Mercandelli from Italy.

Iamo in action

The dress rehearsal


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