I’ve moved!

Its been rather quiet here hasn’t it! Sorry about that!

There has been lots going on and I found that I just didn’t really have the time or even the inclination to update the blog. You see, I’ve been hankering after a new website and blog for quite a while and, over the last few weeks I have actually managed to do that!

I thought it was going to take me forever, but one day whilst feeling rather uder-the-weather, I decided to see if I could throw together a new site. 24 hours later and something new and shiny had emerged! I still can’t quite believe I managed to put it together so quickly, but the website is now a lot simpler, and much better for it in my opinion!

Anyway, I’ve also created a new blog to fit in with the new site so please come on over and join me (and don’t forget to update your rss feeds and subscriptions).

I’ve already blogged one wedding and am in the process of blogging about recent music events with Fleet Foxes, The Feeling, Chase and Status, The Streets and more! So what are you waiting for…


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