Her Name is Calla @ Bristol Leftbank

Quite a few weeks ago, I agreed to photograph a band called Her Name is Calla who were coming to Bristol to perform for the first time. I have to admit that it snuck up on me and I found myself wondering whether I was actually going to make it along after all.

One of my main worries was carrying all my expensive camera equipment around Stokes Croft by myself. As it turned out, my worries weren’t unfounded – the recent riot that occurred in Bristol happened mere metres from the venue and I definitely would have panicked if I had been in the area by myself at the time! Luckily, a friend agreed to come with me so we headed off for a few drinks at the Social (which is definitely worth a visit, the food sounded great!) before making our way into the venue.


As I had expected, the venue was really dark and I had to push the camera iso to its limit in order to get a decent shutter speed. After playing around with the resulting images though, I have decided that I really like the grainy and gritty look of the photos.



You can see the rest of the images here.

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