Dzogchen Beara Sunrise


Dzogchen Beara is a Tibetan Buddhist Retreat Centre located on the Western tip of the Beara Peninsula in West Cork. I took these photographs early one morning in 2006, while Jason was attending a retreat. The place is breathtakingly beautiful (as is every nook and cranny of West Cork) and very, very peaceful. We went back down for a week in 2010 and picked out several houses and locations that would be ours when we win the lotto. In lieu of that big lotto win we’ll just have to visit on a more regular basis. We’re bombarded with misery here in Ireland on the radio, on the television and in the papers, it’s nice to know peaceful places and scenes like this exist in little pockets throughout our beautiful country.



In the garden, there was a lovely horse, behind him is a not-so-lovely wall and behind that is the sun coming up over the Atlantic.







This is a view of the centre, which overlooks the sea.


Farther to the left are views of the cliffs along the coast, and to the right (below) are lots of houses dotted on the landscape.


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