Cops and Monsters

Cops and Monsters?

Ok, so what has cops and monsters got to do with photography?  Well nothing TBH, at least not directly other than me taking photos at the première of Episode 0.5 of this supernatural series.

Little bit of background required here. Once upon a time there was these three men……..(private joke). On a more serious note, No. 1 daughter moved to Glasgow to pursue a career in meeja having done her Masters in Maynooth.  After many job applications she eventually hooked up with a very talented young man by the name of Fraser Coull and landed the job of Producer for a new Sci-Fi/Supernatural series called, you guessed, Cops and Monsters! So they duly filmed a minisode or as they call it, Episode 0.5, back in January and the première of the minisode took place in Nottingham on March 16th.

Of course it wasn’t just your normal launch (whatever that might be), no, this launch was part of EM-Con, the East Midlands Sci-Fi and Fantasy Convention and they were in good company. Dr. Who, Game of Throne and Red Dwarf no less. The launch took the format of a Q & A session after the screening to a large crowd.

cops and monsters Q&A

Q & A session for the crew

So at this stage you want to see what all the fuss was about, so here is Episode 0.5 of Cops & Monsters.

Next project for the summer is to film six full episodes and it seems they have some major names lined up already so really looking forward to this and as they say, watch this space!

Speaking of space, and getting back to some photos. What’s the best way to clear a crowded hall after the aforementioned Q&A? Well you call in the Storm Troopers of course!

Storm trooper in hall

Quickest way to clear a hall…..

Because there were so many big names at the convention, security was tight as you might expect. This lady was trying to get in to see the Cops & Monsters launch but the SWAT guys were having none of it………

Woman in blue wig with SWAT team

No entry……

I mentioned big names earlier, and there was loads of stars from the Movie and TV world including Andrew Shim. Now you may not know Andrew but he starred in one of the best British films ever made – This is England. It’s up there as one of my favourite movies and of course is also one of Emer’s . In fact she used it as part of her thesis when doing her degree so she was delighted to meet him get her pic taken with him. He’s a really nice bloke and had no problem posing for a shot – unlike some of the other “stars”, but that’s for another blog post……

Emer O'Donovan and Andrew Shim

The Producer and the Actor

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