The long evening drawing to a close, he stood watching.  From his vantage point he followed the sweep of the land to the ancient woodland, blending into blackish green.  Splashing  Sycamore leaves grabbed his attention as a plump Wood Pigeon flapped into the evening blue.  Up, straight up and stall as the undulating flight scribbled opaque words on the horizon.  Crazy bird.  Grunt, he turned towards the access road snaking the bottom of the grassy slope.  

                             It’s quiet tonight. 

The Lonely Cow

Go Baby Go!

He sniffed the air, straining through  bubbling swallow song for the faint sound of a distant engine. 

                                Not tonight, they’re not coming. 

He sighed deeply and lowered his head.  A gentle rustle in the high grass at the side of the hedgerow, the pleading eyes of his friend the Hare. 

                              Where are they?

                              I dont know.  

Strong feet bounced into shadow, alone again.  He closed his eyes, mood sinking, evening chorus deafened.  A distant rumble.   

                         They’re coming!  

Stomach tightened.

                         Go Baby! 

The roar of the exhaust, his skin prickled.

                         Hit it! 

Thump of the subwoofer, his  heart pounded.  


Car horn piercing as the raised fist punched the sky.  

                      Rip it. 

He followed the glistening alloys into the night.

                   Until tomorrow.

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Oscar and Tom, a love that will never die.

Oscar and Tom have been friends for years.  Oscar being the Jack Russell and Tom (original name) being the male cat.  In their early days they tolerated each other, never straying beyond their species zone.  It all changed dramatically when we had Tom neutered.  Overnight Oscar developed a lusting craze, becoming quite possessive about his tabby friend.  They go everywhere together, even the pleading of our son, “but you are both boys” falls on deaf ears.  They are in love and no one can tell them otherwise. 

Oscar and Tom

Oscar and Tom plan their elopment

Tom takes it all in his stride, he is a very strange character, always looking like he has a permanent hangover.  This cat has a serious attitude problem and yet he seems to bring out the best in everyone.  Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting him is left feeling quite enamoured.  We are all there to serve him and that is a simple fact.  Tom thinks he is a dog, he runs with the other dogs and they do not cross him.  One look and they scamper.  It is an odd experience to go walking with the dogs and have Tom trot along.  However after a short while he will whine incessantly, flopping down dramatically in an award-winning display of self-pity.   The solution is to try to ignore him, which usually works.  Otherwise you pick him up and throw him over your shoulder.  This picture sums up the two love birds perfectly.

Oscar is so smitten that Tom has him wrapped around his paw, having no difficulty bending him to his will.  This is love, hard love and Oscar is willing to risk everything.  Except his eleven o’clock rich tea biscuit, which is sacrosanct.

Of the three dogs and two cats that share our home, these two guys have a very special relationship.

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The Fine Art of Rubbish Dumping

Rubbish dumping is a favourite past-time among a section of our countrymen.  A lot of the material does not return to the earth. There are a few simple steps to become proficient.

  • First you find a secluded spot.
  • It has to be picturesque.  
  • You have a nice time, maybe a picnic.
  •  Or just offload your unwanted items. 
  • And home you go all satisifed.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqG4a8rtXuo
Rubbish left in Farnaght Bog

Parting Gift 1Parting Gift 2

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Aint no sunshine.

Our Winter goes on forever, add a large portion of dismal economic outlook and a sprinkle of  volcanic Ash.  What do you get?  A country you cannot leave, where nobody wants, or is willing to take responsibility.  It wasn’t me, I swear……..  

"Waiting for Summer"

"Aint no sunshine now you're gone – Only dark and lonely days"

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