Boobs and Bras

Girls in bras outside hairdressers

Get it off your chest

Sometimes you’re thankful that you have your camera with you and today was one of those days. Driving down Emmet Road in Inchicore today I spotted some unusual articles of clothing hung over a wire which was stretched across the main road. Now usually in Dublin that consists of a pair of runners thrown over the telephone/electricity wires which lets you know that there are drugs for sale nearby.

This was something altogether different. Strung across the road was about 50 bras! Not only were they across the road, they were around a pole and suspended across a nearby shop. Well it obviously wasn’t drugs for sale and naturally my curiosity was aroused (among other things) but thats a different story 🙂

So into the shop I go to find out what was going on only to be greeted by naked women everywhere. Nah, only joking, they weren’t naked, but they were everywhere! It was Reflections Hair & Beauty and the place was packed.

After battling my way through the hordes of beauties I got to speak to Ruth Murray, the owner. Ruth and her crew are organising a “Get if off your chest” fundraiser in aid of the Irish Cancer Society and they have a fleet of male volunteers lined up for April Fools Day. These brave souls are going to have their hairy chests shaved by Ruth’s crew. However it’s not your straight forward shave as the guys will be left with a bra shaped hairy chest! Feicin brilliant idea.

So a big shout out to Ruth, Amy O’Doherty and Marie O’Neill who strutted their stuff outside the shop. Hope you have a great April 1st and raise loads for a very worthy cause.

P.S. If you’re passing by, stop in, say hello and donate a few quid.

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