Australia Day, Cobh-style

Waving Goodbye

It seems that no weekend is safe from some exhausting day-trip, so on Sunday we headed to Cobh (on the train — bonus excitement for the kids). 1500 Aussies were arriving on a cruise ship and Cobh, in a genius tourism marketing move, decided to hold an “Australia Day” celebration. There’s obviously huge historical significance to having a ship full of Aussies arrive back in Cobh, the port from which many of their ancestors would have left from. I’m glad we took the train though because the place was jammed but then Cobh is known for its traffic problems as much as the liners that visit.

Dawn Princess

Dawn Princess in Cobh

Looking Out

Looking Out — apparently the cabins with a balcony cost $7000 extra!

We walked around for a bit, showing the kids the ship and chatting to friendly passengers from “down-under” — all of who seemed delighted with their welcome and would randomly start up conversations with the natives. Some of these passengers had been on the ship since Sydney almost 100days ago and I guess they were happy to talk to any new faces!  Finally, it came time for the ship to depart: a band played on the quayside (Waltzing Matilda!) while the crowd waved flags, and banter regarding rugby teams was exchanged between the passengers and crowd. Despite the modern surroundings, and we didn’t even know anyone on the ship, it was strangely poignant.

Waltzing Matilda

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