at home……..

was at home last weekend and feel like I have just began to know my parents after 37 years on this planet. funny though, my dad is a complex being, a replicate of myself at times, and a character amongst those who understand, have dealt with their issues, but are not afraid to be themselves at any cost.

my mother is and has always been a strong character, never afraid to give as much as was needed to provide well for a family, and at times a woman who I feel never really could express herself.

I feel lucky to have been brought up by two parents who provided the best they could and more, and all along coming from a generation many decades away from mine, if not eons as a measure.

commenting on the photograph which I have laid above, I duly term “degree of seperation”, an analysis of my life so far, so different, and such a contrast against the tougher, people defined, and more community driven life my parents grew up through. this photograph was taken some months back but never published. it was taken outside my parents newly built house, a place they can now rid themselves of any memories of past, start a new life with good neighbours, and move slowly into a retirement they duly deserve with comfort.

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