At Fuzz stretch

I haven’t been out with the camera much recently, there always seems to be something else to do during the short daylight hours this tie of the year, at the weekends that’s mainly ferrying my youngsters to various events especially my son to sports events.Usually I don’t bring the camera to matches, I find that I can’t concentrate on the “big picture” through the lens and it’s hard to see all the other stuff that’s going on.

Today was a cup match and some of the team put out the word that they’d like me to get some shots so I didn’t really have much choice but to bring along my gear, set myself up away from all the other folks and do my best to get a few decent shots for the lads to impress the young ladies with….

Fuzz is our go to man in the lineout and he gave another good display there today.

The final result? The lads did well in the first half before running out of puff a little in the finish….

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