Another Manic Day!

Its taken me far too long to publish this post, but I hope you’ll forgive me as it turned out to be a rather eventful day! Quite excitingly, my role as photographer for “In Concert” was expanded vastly for the Manic Street Preachers gig. Not only was I documenting the behind-the-scenes events for the “In Concert” team, I was also liasing with the BBC Interactive team to get photos up online as soon as possible and, quite scarily, undertaking my first ever commission taking the press photos for BBC Publicity!!!

Because of my involvement with the BBC Publicity side of things, I’m not able to say too much about what went on during the day and the photos that I did take remain copyright of the BBC. However, I have been told that I am allowed to use the photos for my portfolio and so I don’t see any harm in posting a few photos here and then pointing you in the direction of the photos on the BBC Website!

Anyway, enough of all that – it was a very long day which started with me leaving the house 7.30am in order to jump on a bus, two trains and then a taxi in order to get to Blackwood Miners Institute for the Press Photocall at 12.30.


We were then all whisked off for a whistlestop tour of Blackwood which proved to be a lot of fun despite the freezing weather!



As you may have guessed, the entire tour was being filmed for the BBC red button which meant that I spent my time having to dodge the cameras and make as little noise as possible! While we were waiting for the band to arrive at one of the locations, we got chatting to the director who mentioned that he had been looking back at the Paolo Nutini event and commented on how much he loved the photos. The radio 2 producer and I couldn’t conceal our grins as she pointed out that it was actually me who took those photos! I have to admit that his comment made my day!

From there, it was back to the Miners Institute where the Manics did an acoustic session which was also filmed.



I would have loved to have heard the entire set but I needed to dash off and get my first lot of photos off to the press which, I have to admit, I found rather nerve-wracking! All the photos seemed to get away ok and I was really happy to find that one of the photos from the acoustic session appeared in the next days “South Wales Echo”!


After a bit of time in which I was able to catch my breath, it was onto the main event. Beforehand, I was required to take a few shots of the support act, Denuo, who were very good!


I then managed to get up onstage to take some shots of the audience and from there I hot-footed it down to the press pit where I was allowed to spend up to 3 songs – again dodging the tv cameras that were filming for the red button. However, with the press deadline looming, I only spent one song in the pit before zooming off up to the balcony to grab some wide shots and then hiding myself away to download, process and email the photos to the press.





I have to admit that the responsibility of having to get the shots in the first place and then send them off to the press (and what a long list of press contacts it was too!) was rather stressful but I enjoyed every minute and can’t wait to do it again!


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