Anna Livia Pleurabelle

Here is the before and after of this image which I’ve called Anna Livia Pleurabelle after James Joyces character in Finnegans Wake.   I used layers and layers here.  Possibly 30 or so to achieve the effect here.  I’m really happy with the colours here and love the burst of electric blue the fish give to the finished image.

Speaking of layers, I’m giving a weekend workshop in November ’13 on Layers and Textures so if you’re interested get in touch with me.  A knowledge of your way around Photoshop is required for this workshop.  We’ll have a couple of hours shooting models and the rest of the time we will spend editing the shots we’ve taken over the next day and a half.  If you have no photoshop and are interested in seeing whether or not you enjoy making art from your photos then do what I did and download Gimp which is a free platform similar to photoshop.  I also do beginner workshops throughout the year so do contact me if you’re interested in that either

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