Amongst flowers…..

Couple sitting in the long grass

Emer & Nick in amongst the flowers.

Spent a pleasant couple of hours on Sunday night playing around with off camera flash along with some friends from Navan Camera Club – thanks for organising Hugh! It’s not something I get to do very often but it is very enjoyable. 

I have two flashes, a 550ex and a 430exII, both fitted with mini soft boxes and these were perched up on two very expensive light stands (tenner on flea bay). Both flashes were set to manual – the 550 at ¼ power and the 430 at 1/8 power and both were triggered by an STE2 IR Trigger on top of the camera. And that was it for the night. No more messing around apart from playing with the exposure on the camera to control the ambient light. 

You can’t see it in this shot but we did have a beautiful sunset which was nicely caught by Lorraine, Susie and Hugh Mc. Haven’t seen the other Hugh’s shots yet so don’t know what he got.

Of course we have to say a big thanks to our two lovely models for the night, Emer & Nick. Didn’t they do well?

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