Irish Photographers . org celebrates the best of Irish Photographers online.

Before you submit your website:

  1. You, the primary author of your website, must be normally resident on the Island of Ireland.
  2. It must have an RSS or Atom feed of the photos and photographic news you publish.
  3. Each post must link to a stable, permanent permalink. No anchor links please.
  4. Posts must be full, not excerpts. Showing full size images is preferable to thumbnails but not mandatory.
  5. Please allow irishphotographers.org to hotlink your images.
  6. If you make non photography related posts, please specify a feed for only your photography posts. In WordPress this could be http://example.com/category/photography/feed/ if all your photography posts were in the Photography category.
  7. Your feed may not have adverts, or sponsored links. Pay per post activity will result in your blog being banned permanently.
  8. Commercial activity around the business of photography is ok, but blatantly selling your services in every single post will not be tolerated.

Fill in the contact form below with details of your site including your feed url.


There will never be any advertising or fund raising activities on this website. Ever.


All content is copyright their respective owners.

Search Engines

The only pages on this site that search engines such as Google or Yahoo may index are the front page and this About page. All other pages have a “noindex” directive. Blog title links go to the blog, not a post page here. Those links are not nofollowed.

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