A Good Sunset

A good sunset

Around 7:30 this evening I looked West and thought, “hmmm… that might develop into a nice sunset”. By 8pm, I was sure. The horizon was clear , strands of thicker clouds hung just above it, and then thin wispy clouds overhead. This meant that we’d get direct sunlight at sunset but also the high clouds would light up well afterwards.

I’m on a bit of a “crops & sunlight” binge right now and I had a nice field in mind — but when I got there I realised it faced in the wrong direction and wouldn’t give me a view of the sunset. So I drove on looking for west facing fields, at the top of a hill, ideally with some crops for the foreground and no telegraph wires. After about 20mins of driving down single-land roads at determinedly urgent speeds, I saw this field.  Climbing up to the fence, I saw the nicely curved track left in the field and it seemed like a pretty good compositional element.

I really liked the image straight off the camera but there was a little too much lens flare and the sunburst was a little dusty. I cleaned this up in Photoshop in a rather ham-fisted manner although I think it looks ok (this is probably the most work I’ve ever done on an image in PS)

The original, unprocessed RAW image.

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