#52 Project 52 @ 50

Winifred Farry Trim

Unsung hero

At last! The final entry and not a day too soon. I started this project on January 8th 2011 so I’m squeezing this one in with a day to go.

I took a ramble around Trim complete with camera and a mission to get this last shot. However it was one of those days when the shots just weren’t happening. Ok I snapped some random people on the street but that was not what this was about. I wanted some little story behind the shot. On my travels I passed a newish barber shop and inside was the barber duly cutting someone’s hair. I paused and thought about going in and asking to take a shot but there was still some brightness left in the sky so I left it to try further up the street. After hanging about for a while looking like a perv and still getting no shot, I decided to head back up to the barbers and go for broke.

On the way I bumped into Winifred who was on her way home after a walk. Now although Winifred is not a stranger as such, I don’t know her that well. In fact she called me Dermot! However I do remember bumping into her two years ago at some show or other in Trim and she was on a stall raising money for a trip to India. I stopped her and asked how the trip had gone and we got chatting about it. She told me had done a photobook of it and I could call up and see it sometime.

No time like the present so off up to her house we went. Now Winifred’s trip wasn’t a holiday. Far from it! She had volunteered to work with the Hope Foundation for three months in one of India’s worst slums. This was her second trip and she’s been there from March to June 2011. From that trip she had produced a photobook which she showed me. Most of the shots in the first half of the book were taken in what passed for a hospital. I have never seen such deprivation and neglect in my life.

I’m not going to go into what went on, only to say that Winifred and the other volunteers are angels. She and her friends are the unsung heroes in life. I did ask to take her photo holding the book but she couldn’t do it because the book has been banned by the hospital and she didn’t want it shown.

So a big thanks to Winfred Farry who does such trojan work for charity and more importantly, gave me my last shot of my Project 52 @ 50. Phew!

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