#38 Project 52 @ 50

Old woman sitting on park bench

Nora McCaffrey

Bumped into Nora today during the Paul Freeney Historical Photowalk. After lunch we strolled into the Royal Hospital in Kilmainham which boasts a beautiful formal garden.

This was where Nora was sitting and enjoying the afternoon sun. Originally from Mourne Road in Drimnagh she now lives in Islandbridge. Unfortunately she’s a widow having lost her husband six years ago and even more tragically, her son two years ago at the very young age of 37. 

Despite not moving too far from Drimnagh to Islandbridge, Nora is a well travelled lady having lived in Alberta, Canada. Not only that but she still travels to long Island, New York every year to visit her only daughter.

So best wishes to Nora – it was lovely to meet you and have a little chat and I wish you many more years of Trans Atlantic travel to come.

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